Harmonization Study / SHARE-HS

SHARE Harmonisation Study

SHARE Harmonisation Study

Harmonization Study Design

A harmonised dataset can be created for each wave and population according to the ATHLOS DataSchema and the harmonisation codes located on Github:

DataSchema: https://athlos.pssjd.org/ws/file-dl/network/athlos/DataSchema_ATHLOS.xlsx

Harmonisation codes: https://github.com/athlosproject/athlos-project.github.io/tree/master/SHARE

Anyone interested in using the harmonised data from the SHARE study via the ATHLOS DataSchema should register on the website http://www.share-project.org/, download the necessary data and use the harmonisation codes. For more detailed help on this process, please contact us.

Users of SHARE data are obliged to provide references to all forms of publications (including working papers, theses, etc.) based on SHARE data to the central SHARE Coordination Team (info(at)share-project.org).

SHARE population