Harmonization Study / JSTAR-HS

JSTAR Harmonisation Study

JSTAR Harmonisation Study

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Harmonization Study Design

A harmonised dataset can be created for each wave and population according to the ATHLOS DataSchema and the harmonisation codes located on Github:

DataSchema: https://athlos.pssjd.org/ws/file-dl/network/athlos/DataSchema_ATHLOS.xlsx

Harmonisation codes: https://github.com/athlosproject/athlos-project.github.io/tree/master/JSTAR

Please contact us if anyone is interested in harmonising JSTAR study data via the ATHLOS DataSchema.

Note that any publications or transcripts (research papers, research reports, conferences, media reports, etc.) produced using JSTAR datasets, or a link to such work if published online, must be sent to the owners of the JSTAR study (see section 3-3 here).