Harmonization Study / ALSA-HS

ALSA Harmonised Study

ALSA Harmonised Study

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Harmonization Study Design

A harmonised dataset can be created for each wave and population according to the ATHLOS DataSchema and the harmonisation codes located on Github:

DataSchema: https://athlos.pssjd.org/ws/file-dl/network/athlos/DataSchema_ATHLOS.xlsx

Harmonisation codes: https://github.com/athlosproject/athlos-project.github.io/tree/master/ALSA

Please contact us if anyone is interested in using the harmonised data from the ALSA study via the ATHLOS DataSchema.

In order to assemble essential information about archival resources and to facilitate the exchange of information about users’ research activities, individuals are required to email ADA with the bibliographic details and, where available, online links to any published work (including journal articles, books or book chapters, conference presentations, theses or any other publications or outputs) based wholly or in part on the material.

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